Klubikon Podcast 159 – Laura de Vasconcelos

The 159th Klubikon Podcast is mixed by Laura de Vasconcelos, your house music extravaganza, your disco queer. She dares you not to dance!

Brazilian based in Berlin, Laura de Vasconcelos has been playing her trademark brand of house-classics, raw and energetic sets she has become synonymous with. In her carefully curated vinyl-collection and in her ability to fuse rock and disco to a bassline-driven house and techno, her sound is unmistakable, her dance-floor is always sensual, fierce and fun!

A thoughtful multidisciplinary artist, with a constant need to create, Laura de Vasconcelos has recently self produced and shot a series of music-videos. Love letters to both her birthplace and her adopted city, they eloquently showcase her ability to tell a story, never missing an opportunity to uplift and spotlight the work of other artists and collaborators alike, all the while accompanied by her signature nostalgia.

“This is a cross-genre mix, deploying sophisticated voices and rhythms to wash off inertia and keep your ears away from numbing repetition.” – Laura de Vasconcelos

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