PREMIERE: Bézier – Oscilloscope

‘Undulate’ is a fitting title for Bézier’s latest EP on miv., for it’s all about rhythm and movement. Lush and maximalist, it’s a fresh take on the disco-influenced, synth-laden euphoria of Bézier’s world.

‘Undulate’ EP comes on the heels of ‘Continuum’, his last EP for miv., and too is a force of contagious melody. What Bézier achieves in his productions is difficult to pull off: a moody universe that allows for hyper-catchy groove. Ultra danceable from start to finish, ‘Undulate’ EP holds the body tight and doesn’t let go.

We are presenting ‘Oscilloscope’, which opens the EP with brazen techno punctuated by chewy acid, claps, and a dark synth lead. Gripping rhythms and synth compel the body to move.

‘Undulate’ EP will be available after the 22nd of April HERE.

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