PREMIERE: Stephen Disario – Time

Synthetik Sounds, a brand-new techno record label, curated by 6AM Group, Synthetik Minds and Indonesian techno artist Ecilo, is back for its second installment with ‘Rooted in Reality’ EP by Stephen Disario.

Synthetic: (adj.): devised, arranged, or fabricated for special situations to imitate or replace usual realities

Back in May Ecilo’s ‘Protech The Skyline’ EP affirmed the Synthetik Sounds’ intention of acting as a platform for artists whose output leans both on deep, hypnotic techno as well as darker, and harder shades of the genre. This second EP, entitled ‘Rooted In Reality’ and courtesy of Los Angeles artist Stephen Disario, further cements Synthetik Sounds’ other goal of building bridges between North America, Europe, Asia and beyond.

‘Rooted in Reality’ EP consists of four original techno tracks, ‘Rooted in Reality’, ‘Time’, ‘6AM’ and ‘Blinker Situation’.

We are presenting ‘Time’ which continues its progression until it reaches peak-time rhythm as spatial, trippy soundscapes kick in. Stephen Disario brings listeners down to earth in brilliant fashion, giving a few seconds of respite before kicking the track into overdrive once more.

‘Rooted in Reality’ EP will be available after the 14th of August HERE.