PREMIERE: Fuzoku – Fuueihou (Marko Nastić Remix)

#Sake & Vinly Only #Minimal #House #Lo-Fi #Techno

The British project Fuzoku took their name from a Japanese term that could roughly be translated as “massage” or “escort”, thus hinting to their dirty approach to sensuality. They’re just about to unleash a somewhat eccentric minimal EP “Fuueihou” on the Sake & Vinyl Only imprint. The owner of the label, Serbian techno veteran Marko Nastić, provides a dirty remix of the title track, emblazoned in dust with a certified underground charm.

Fuzoku managed to strip down jazz to its bare electronic bones, then Nastić sprinkled it with some rust in a quite tasteful manner. Designed to resonate with the comfortable dementia of late night hours on the dancefloor, this dirty cut injects some exciting danger in slick minimal style. About to be released March 27th, courtesy of Sake & Vinyl Only.

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