PREMIERE: Madame De Fer – Lake

The Los Angeles-based label Rabotat Records is presenting ‘Lost To The Woods’ EP from its co-founder Madame De Fer, her first solo release.

Madame De Fer is an electronic music anomaly; with a background in sound design and a deep love of cinema, her music can best be described as an avant-garde techno experience. Having hailed originally from Maine, her style is elementally rugged and cool-tempered – a match to her fundamental being.

“‘Lost To The Woods’ EP is a movement that encapsulates my personality – noise + salt that meet harmony to create coordinated chaos. It is a love letter to the state of Maine and to my childhood but is also about getting farther away and saying goodbye to that place. By the end of the EP, the change into Madame De Fer is fully realized and the horror kicks up, bringing you to the end of an unsettling ride. Saying that I am intensely stoked to release this EP would be an understatement.” Madame De Fer

We are presenting the first track ‘Lake’.

‘Lost To The Woods’ EP will be available after the 10th of April HERE.

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