Klubikon Podcast 149 – Ben Champell

The first releases of Ben Champell came on the market in 2012, which were quite housy and groovy, as he was accompanied by many Balearic influences. In 2015 he moved to the city on the Elbe river in north Germany, Hamburg. The rough north took over and his sound became darker and harder. He has published his original music under many labels including OFF Recordings, Unity Records and Complexed Records.

They say it always rains and it’s very cold in Hamburg. We found out who is the man who wants to bring Hamburg back on the techno map and what’s up with the wet image of the city with the many bridges, in the interview HERE.

Ben Champbell delivers an hour-long energetic mix of raw, deep and peak time techno for the 149th Klubikon Podcast.

01. Deetail – Flying Lights
02. Anna Reusch – Whisper
03. Episode 1 feat. Polaris – Ozark
04. Dok & Martin – Ambition
05. Ben Champell – Filthy Chords
06. Markantonio – 1990
07. Harvey McKay – Gravity
08. CDtrax – Smooth But Harzardous
09. Piotr Figiel – Ion
10. Tiko (DE) & Man At Arms – Smoke (Dub Mix)
11. Resonances (IT) – Chorded
12. Sleepy & Boo – Route
13. Ben Champell – Vanta Black
14. Pablo Say – TH2
15. Marcel Reix – Sporadic
16. Nana K & Ben Champell – Anthem 501b

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