PREMIERE: Mila Dietrich – The Maskerade (Hune Remix)

The French DJ and producer Mila Dietrch is presenting ‘You Should Have Saved Me Sonner’, a self released remix album of her debut album ‘You Should Save Me Soon’.

Trance, techno, dark disco and even gabber and trap ‘You Should Have Saved Me Sonner’ album is shaped for dance floors, but also for introspective trips. It consists of 10 remixes by Vicaps, Kelyboy, Hune, MZA, Ketut, L3X03000, Zigmar, Sara Zinger, FLVN and Bonnie Spacey, Mila Dietrch’s close colleagues from the French scene.

We are presenting a hard trance remix of ‘The Maskerade’ from the talented Hune, Lille-base DJ and producer who has published his original music under many labels including Enlace Records, Feel Free Records and Occult Rhythms.

‘You Should Have Saved Me Sonner’ album will be available after the 10th of December HERE.