Klubikon Podcast 150 – Nuklear Prophet

Hailing from downtown Los Angeles, Nuklear Prophet, aka Erik Villalpando, is heavily influenced by West Coast Hip Hop and Electro. Winning multiple DJ awards, including 3x World Records DJ Competition under his DJ Dope-E alias, Villalpando cites his inspiration as coming from some of the most influential Los Angeles DJs of his childhood, including Tony G, DJ Joe Cooley, Julio G, and DJ Aladdin.

As a producer, he has released on the likes of Urban Connections, Abseits Recordings, Diffuse Reality, and Bass Agenda Recordings as Nuklear Prophet, with his latest full-length album ‘Prophecies 11:21’ out on Utrecht’s U-Trax from the third of December. We’re delighted to invite Nuklear Prophet onto Klubikon for a mix which, in his own words, is “new funky dope Electro for your earhole!”.

Listen to Nuklear Prophet’s mix for the 150th Klubikon Podcast below, and check out his new album on U-Trax HERE.

01. Nuklear Prophet – L.A Rockz (Dynamik Bass System, Nuklear Prophet, Egyptian Lover Remix Mashup)
02. Replicants – Boys
03. Shedbug – Battlelines
04. Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code – Red Cell
05. Roi – Crunia (The Exaltics Remix)
06. Phormix – AZPTP
07. COS – 1.0.1
08. Nuklear Prophet – Compton
09. Neklear Prophet – Coming Up From Underground
10. Maeslstrom – RSZALCAXN
11. Locked Club – Doschitai
12. Nuklear Prophet – Nuklear Matter
13. Locked Club – Devochka
14. Assembler Code – Architects
15. False Persona – Unknown Variable
16. Bintus – A3 Cylinder-Bop
17. Binary System – Fundamental Glide
18. Don’t Talk To Cops – Guess I’m Strange
19. Unknown – Lobster Records
20. Global Surveyor – Gab.Gato Feat. Keith Tucker
21. Nuklear Prophet – 808 Plague

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