PREMIERE: Holldën – Infinity Pools

Portuguese DJ and producer Holldën is presenting ‘Infinity Pools’ EP on his own label Kuiper Noise, which is a main vessel for his own productions.

Miguel Duarte aka Holldën has been making a strong impression with esteemed labels having recently released on Pan-Pot’s Second State, Paul Ritch’s Quartz Rec and Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien amongst others.

‘Infinity Pools’ EP consists of four original tracks, ‘Infinity Pools’, ‘Ruby Sands’, ‘Faith Healer’ and ‘Odd Man Out’.

We are presenting the title track ‘Infinity Pools’, which immediately reveals its honest approach to body-moving aesthetics from the first chords. Heaving and dropping in a dynamic choreography of modernity and fundamentals.

‘Infinity Pools’ EP will be available after the 31st of March HERE.