Klubikon Podcast 152 – Bernardo Mota

Portuguese DJ and producer Bernard Mota, a member of the DVRST Collective, has published his original music under many labels including theBasement Discos, Simplexia, Tropical, Miura and Simple Times.

His latest track ‘Party Tonight’ is a part of the ‘Fresh Wax’ VA out on Edinburgh-based dance imprint Fresh Take Records. Dreamy, ethereal snatches of instrumentals and vocal samples rooted by a thumping kick/bass combination which brings real weight to what is at heart an emotional and highly affecting house cut.

Now, Bernardo Mota delivers an exclusive house mix for the 152nd Klubikon Podcast.

“In this mix you can listen to a selection of tracks from various styles of house from different eras, all wax including two tracks from the latest release with Fresh Take Records ‘Fresh Wax’. You can expect a chilled raw mix, imperfection has its beauty (whitenoise was really my mistake, I’m sorry). Hope you enjoy it!” – Bernardo Mota

Bernardo Mota [SC | IG]