PREMIERE: Jules David – One (Timmus Remix)

A brand new record label is emerging on the scene with music hailing all the way from Australia! Motion:Theory:Music is presenting a debut EP from Jules David.

Consisting of four tracks, Holographic Mix of ‘Far Emote’, ‘Around Places’ along with Vincent Casanova’s remix, and Timmus’ remix of ‘One’, ‘Holographic Maps’ EP shows pictures of a lush, yet dystopian landscape with its futuristic and contemplative vibes.

We are presenting Timmus’ remix of ‘One’, an ode to music and friendship. Timmus has delivered a signature, organic, remix that uses intricately layered elements of percussion to provide a beautiful insight into arguably one of Australia’s best multi-format electronic musicians.

‘Holographic Maps’ EP will be available after the 20th of May HERE.