PREMIERE: Orly Gal – Diablo Canyon (Josh Brooks Remix)

LA-based Orly Gal debuts high-energy ‘Diablo Canyon’ EP on Understated at Nite.

Releasing on KD Raw, Ushuaia Music, DZB Records, Blok Recordings, and Haustronaut Recordings, Orly Gal’s high-energy tracks and DJ sets have been making waves in LA and beyond. With her latest release landing on Understated at Nite, the EP showcases her esoteric, atmospheric productions alongside hard-hitting remixes from Josh Brooks, Might i, and NAIAD.

Leading the release, Orly Gal’s original ‘Diablo Canyon’ kicks up a storm, utilising pounding low end, rattling percussion, and sparse synth stabs to maximum impact. Josh Brooks, also known as PZB, injects additional drum work and synth trickery into the original before leading the track through monstrous breakdowns.

Might i’s remix follows, bringing twisted atmospherics and an elevated pace to proceedings for a high-tempo tear-out. Rounding out the release, Naiad’s interpretation of ‘Diablo Canyon’ sees her reaching for groove-laden drum patterns, mangled samples, and reverb-soaked stabs for an irresistible closing track.

We are presenting the remix from Josh Brooks.

‘Diablo Canyon’ EP will be available after the 10th of June HERE.

Listen to 153rd Klubikon Podcast mixed by Orly Gal HERE.