PREMIERE: 291outer space – A Journey Towards The Unknown

Taste Rec. is proud to present 291outer space’s second album ‘너머 – Beyond’.

After releasing music by Italian artists such as Maple Juice, The Robinson and Discojuice, as well as remixes from the likes of SofaTalk, Alex Neri and Phil Weeks, to name a few, the Milanese collective Taste Rec. presents another important project: ‘너머 – Beyond’, the second album by 291outer space.

291outer space, is the side project of the well known Italian alternative band 291out alongside sound engineer Ivan Cibien known as Flyme.

‘너머 – Beyond’ is a space-electronic concept EP: the songs are sung entirely in Korean, and the EP cover and inserts are illustrated by Simone Mega Antonucci. The insert itself includes the original lyrics conceived at the origin of the project: ‘Transcendence Rain Forest’. The track, which opens and closes the disc in its two different arrangements, is a poetic and philosophical interpretation of the origin of humanity and the ultimate meaning of life, an invitation to flee from our uncertain destiny and apocalyptic post-pandemic present to reconnect with the cosmic flow of the planet. A resounding exhortation to go “beyond” the here and now.

In ‘너머- Beyond’ 291outer space play tributes to a variety of legends of the world surrounding Kosmische Musik and Sci-Fi Sound, among all, Vangelis, Klaus Shulze, Jean-Michel Jarre, Parson, Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter. Their music is here re-imagined in a contemporary key and therefore tradition, and innovation are united in the search of a sound for the future that’s yet to be discovered.

We are presenting the second track, ‘A Journey Towards The Unknown’.

‘너머 (Beyond)’ will be available after the 14th of October HERE.