PREMIERE: Madrid De Los Austrias – Elele (Jepe Remix)

Stripped Down has curated a superb selection of remixes of the upcoming album by Madrid De Los Austrias. They will come over the course of the year and the first EP features Ken Hayakawa, Jepe and Enochson & Grieder.

Madrid De Los Austrias is an Austrian group that draws inspiration from the historic old town of Madrid. It is made up of Heinz Tronigger and Michael Kreiner, who have been serving up downtempo mixes of Latin, flamenco, dub and future jazz on EPs and albums since 2000 and are back soon with another new long player that blends traditional sounds with contemporary electronics.

Berlin-based Portuguese talent Jepe serves up two remixes of ‘Elele’, following on from standout tracks on labels like Sinchi Music and Diynamic. The first is a fantastic house cut with thudding drums and twitchy electronics as a Spanish vocal brings some fire and flair up top. The second is a ReDub that chops away the vocal and layers in starry-eyed melodies before molten acid creeps into the mix.

This package subtly reworks the original material into deep, forward-thinking dance floor sounds.

We are presenting the first remix from Jepe.

‘The Remixes #1’ will be available after the 22nd of July HERE.