Klubikon Podcast 168 – Diamond Haze

The 168th Klubikon Podcast is mixed by the Hungarian duo Diamond Haze.

Diamond Haze is an electronic music project formed in Budapest by Gábor and Milán. Gábor is a seasoned bassist with a musical journey traces back to high school bands, while Milán is a vinyl aficionado whose eclectic collection and DJ sets span a range of genres from early trance to modern disco.

Diamond Haze’s unique sound is made up of a harmonious fusion of their distinct musical backgrounds and innovative perspectives. With two releases to date on their own Tapes Sublimating label, they are back with the third: ‘Unstable Cloud Filter’, a four-track EP of thoughtful, evocative deep house music.

“There were a few ideas about the mix, but ultimately the decision was to record a mix exclusively with tracks we released on our Tapes Sublimating label over the years. It was pretty hard to choose which tracks to include in the mix as looking back we have a pretty solid catalog. We included one track from our upcoming EP, all other tracks are from our previous releases.” – Diamond Haze

01. ICR – Reconstellation [TSU-006]
02. Diamond Haze – Clouds [TSU-013]
03. Diamond Haze – Reflections (Hidden Shelter’s Sunday Session Mix) [TSU-010]
04. VR-314 – MD Dump [TSU-001]
05. Mate Tollner – Back In The Bass [TSU-008]
06. B-Squit – Dompére [TSU-012]
07. VR-314 – The Dream [TSU-004]
08. Diamond Haze – Words Can’t (Mr. Fiel’s Hard Mix) [TSU-011]
09. Doctor String – Distant Observer [TSU-012]
10. Deto & Gleam – Binary Flow [TSU-004]
11. B166ER – Nokain [TSU-008]
12. ICR – 109P Swift-Tuttle [TSU-001]

Tapes Sublimating [SC | BC | FB]