PREMIERE: DJ Phellix – Gypsy Voyager

Dive into a musical odyssey with Sounds Of Sirin’s new release, ‘Silk Road’, a captivating groove organic house EP by DJ Phellix.

DJ Phellix, also known as Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, is a multifaceted and forward-thinking music producer, artist, and disc jockey. His fervor for seamlessly merging electronic music genres with traditional Persian instruments and melodies has birthed a truly distinctive and entrancing fusion-electronic sound, setting him apart from the mainstream. Drawing from his rock music background, DJ Phellix introduces a refreshing perspective to the electronic music realm. He consistently stretches the genre’s boundaries by infusing elements of Persian folk music and revered poetry into his creations, thereby paying tribute to his cultural heritage and imbuing his music with newfound depth.

In the enchanting first track, ‘Silk Road’, listeners are transported to the ancient paths of the Silk Road, where a lone traveler’s journey unfolds, weaving a tale of adventure and discovery. The ethnic vibes echo the footsteps of those who once led this historic route. In the second track, ‘Gypsy Voyager’, we delve into the solitary expedition of a wandering gypsy. Alone yet undeterred, this musical narrative captures the essence of the nomadic spirit, painting a vivid picture of resilience and wanderlust.

We are presenting ‘Gypsy Voyager’.

‘Silk Road’ EP is available HERE.