PREMIERE: Roo (JO) – Onfa Nkosi

Vudu, the club known for revolutionising the nightlife scene in Amman under the visionary guidance of Fairplay and Roo (JO), embarks on a groundbreaking journey with the launch of its label offshoot Vudu Amman. Their inaugural compilation album is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a bold statement of evolution, marking Vudu’s transition from a celebrated local nightclub to an influential global music platform.

This first VA from Vudu is a curated selection of 10 tracks from Pole Position, Fairplay & Keena, Roo (JO), Phonique, BAKKA (BR), Alican, NILU (DK), Murat Uncuoglu, Marco Resmann, Nhii and Vidi, that showcases the depth and diversity of the electronic music spectrum. Featuring an eclectic mix of Melodic House, Afro House, and Indie Dance, it serves as a vibrant testament to Vudu’s commitment to cultural depth and musical innovation.

At the forefront of this pioneering release are Fairplay, the Jordanian duo known for their rich, cultural soundscapes and deep, melodic rhythms. With years of experience and a passion for blending traditional Middle Eastern elements with contemporary electronic beats, Fairplay encapsulates the essence of Vudu Amman. Their contributions – along with Vudu co-founder Roo (JO) – not only anchor the compilation but also guide its artistic direction, infusing each track with a sense of journey and exploration.

Roo (JO) is a renowned music producer based in Jordan who has made a name for himself in the industry through his successful events and by hosting international DJs. He is the founder of two highly-regarded nightclubs, Vudu and U Roof Lounge. With a talent for bringing together the best in music and entertainment, driven by his passion for the music scene, Roo (JO) is poised for a big year in 2024, with upcoming releases and bigger events.

Vudu Amman emerges not just as a label but as a movement, championing the voices of artists from Jordan and beyond. The compilation reflects this mission, featuring a lineup of talented producers and DJs who share Vudu’s vision of bridging worlds through music. This compilation is a celebration of global sounds, with each artist bringing their unique perspective and heritage to the forefront.

The release is an invitation to embark on a sonic voyage, one that traverses lush landscapes of sound and emotion. From the pulsating beats of Afro House to the soul-stirring melodies of Melodic House and the avant-garde rhythms of Indie Dance, this compilation offers something for every listener. It’s a snapshot of Vudu’s musical ethos, encapsulating the energy of its nights and the spirit of its community and vision of its future.

We are presenting the third track, Roo (JO)’s ‘Onfa Nkosi’.

The compilation will be available after the 10th of May HERE.